Book Release- ‘Sex Power and Consent’

Sex Power and Consent

Sex, Power and Consent

Youth Culture and the Unwritten Rules



1. Introduction: rewriting the rules?
2. Generation y: problematic representations of ‘youth’ and ‘sex’
3. Sex: the ‘new’ rules of engagement
4. Power: framing sexual violence in young people’s everyday encounters
5. Consent: negotiating consensual sex
6. Technology: unauthorised sexual images and sexual violence
7. Education: sex, power and consent in schools
8. Prevention: policy, programs and practical strategies
9. Conclusion: rewriting the rules, preventing sexual violence

Reviews of ‘Sex Power and Consent’

‘ … this is a terrific book: really well-written and very engaging, full of useful, cogently expressed ideas about what is going on with young people and sex right now and how things might be improved. It has the capacity to make an important intervention and a strong impact, in part because it moves so well across fields and therefore has a wide readership, and in part because it addresses so many pressing current issues … The strongest aspects of the book are its topic and the freshness, openness and interdisciplinarity in its approach, its fantastic readability, and its careful attention to the discursive regimes within which young people operate as sexual actors.’

-Anita Harris, Associate Professor and Deputy Director, Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies, University of Queensland