Currently, I am Associate Professor in Criminology & Justice Studies at RMIT University. My research specialises in policy and prevention concerning violence against women, and lies at the intersections of gendered violence, justice and digital culture.

Most recently I have completed a prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) in Criminology (2016-2018), which examines citizen-led justice and participation in crime and justice debates via social media. I am also co-Investigator on several funded projects (with Drs Nicola Henry and Asher Flynn) examining image-based sexual abuse (commonly known as ‘revenge porn’) including Australia’s first national survey investigating the prevalence, nature and impacts of image-based sexual abuse. Previously, I have led an ARC Discovery Grant investigating technology-facilitated sexual violence and harassment (with Dr Nicola Henry, 2013 to 2015), which resulted in the 2017 book, Sexual Violence in a Digital Age (Palgrave).

My most recent book, Digital Criminology (2018, Routledge), examines crime and justice in a digital society through an interdisciplinary and critical lens. Meanwhile, my first book ‘Sex, Power and Consent: Youth Culture and the Unwritten Rules’ discusses young people’s negotiations of sexual consent and is available from Cambridge University Press (2010).  I have also published in leading national and international journals including in Journal of Sociology, Youth Studies Australia, Australian & New Zealand Journal of Criminology, Violence Against Women and Social & Legal Studies.

Please visit my publications page for a complete list.